Publication data
First published1912
Last revised reprint pub.1912
Sheet data
Number of sheets132 (planned)
1 (published)
Sheet size24mi 18mi
Technical data
Geodetic datum?
EllipsoidAiry 1830
Projection typeBonne
Projection origin57.5°N 4°W
Unit of measurementFoot of O1
Map scale1:63 360

1912: A one-sheet oddity

The 1-inch Fourth Edition of Scotland used survey information from the third national revision of 1910, which was abandoned. Only one sheet in the series was published: sheet 26, covering a small portion of Berwickshire and Roxburgh, although the vast majority of the sheet consisted of England and was thus left blank!

The series was superseded by the introduction of the 1-inch Popular Edition of Scotland.

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