Publication data
First publishedMay 1978
Last revised reprint pub.July 1991
Sheet data
Number of sheets9
Sheet size270km × 220km
Technical data
Geodetic datumOS GB 1936
EllipsoidAiry 1830
Projection typeTransverse Mercator
Projection origin49°N 2°W
Unit of measurementInternational metre
Meridional scale factor0.9996012717
Map gridOS GB National Grid
Map scale1:250 000

1978-1984: A photographic pioneer

The Routemaster series, launched in 1978, covered Great Britain in 9 sheets. The Routemasters’ mapping was constituted from the ‘¼-inch’ Fifth Series, which it replaced.

Figure 1 (click to enlarge)
Figure 1
Routemaster Sheet 7
Edition A (1978)
Figure 2 (click to enlarge)
Figure 2
Routemaster Sheet 7
Edition D (1982)

The Routemasters were the first Ordnance Survey maps with full-colour photographs printed on their covers. (Figure 1)

Around 1982, the colour of main roads on the Routemaster maps was changed from dark red to stippled red, and primary destinations were highlighted in stippled green. Coincident with this was a slight redesign of the cover. (Figure 2)

1985-1993: Modernisation

Figure 3 (click to enlarge
Figure 3
Routemaster Sheet 7
Edition J (1985)

In 1985, the Routemasters’ mapping was re-lettered in a more modern sans-serif font. At the same time, the covers were redesigned again, to complement the other cover designs of the time. (Figure 3)

Routemaster maps continued to be revised until 1991, before being replaced by the Travelmaster series in 1993.

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