Ed’s Map Collection
Key to Tables on Map Listing Pages
Map format codes:

1st letter: Map material2nd letter: Mounting3rd letter: Cover


= Cloth-backed map


= Folded map


= Separate paper/card cover
P= Paper map T= Flat/rolled map I= Integral cover
L= Laminated paper map D= Dissected map H= Hardback cover
U= No cover


Not in Collection

 =  Edition/printing exists but is not in the collection
Coming soon... =  Edition/printing has been acquired and will be added to the collection soon
... =  Additional editions/printings may exist in this position but this has not been verified


Red writing in the Edition/Print Code and Publication Date columns of the listing tables (e.g. 1958.08) means: Yet to acquire in ‘standard format’ in Good or better condition.

Special codes:

On the listings for the 1-inch Third Edition maps (and District maps derived from them) an additional note shows the code allocated to the map state by Kenneth Guy Messenger, author of The Ordnance Survey one-inch map of England and Wales Third Edition (Large Sheet Series). He allocated a code to each map state based on the revision of the map plate, and detailing around the margins. In several cases, more than one map state corresponds to one print code; thus the print codes cannot be used alone as a full guide to the map states. The additional notes on the listing pages are in the format: “104.0u”. This indicates the sheet number and the revision state.

On the listings for the 1:50 000 maps, an additional column details the cover style, in the format ‘2g’. These codes relate to a former version of Lez Watson’s list of Landranger cover styles; the codes on the collection pages will be updated in due course.

Page last updated: 16 April 2015