Here you will find some of my original research and a selection of articles on Ordnance Survey maps and other map-related topics.

General map-related articles

Containing general information on OS and other maps

An overview of the styles and their meanings

Research in progress

Current research - articles may be incomplete or provisional

Research into an anomalous set of 1:2500 County Series maps covering the Whitsbury parish in Wiltshire, 1871.

Articles from Sheetlines

I have written several articles which have been published in Sheetlines, the journal of the Charles Close Society for the Study of Ordnance Survey Maps.

My first published article in Sheetlines with informtion on the OS County Series maps and the development of Co-ordinate Converter to 2007.

An article outlining the observed differences between maps printed by OS and those printed by Butler, Tanner & Dennis from late 2010 onwards.

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